A.I.M failed Saddam Hussein in providing coverage and deception during the allied attack on Baghdad.

"Using A.I.M technology, they have found a way to spike the cube with energy for brief creating flashes of full potency... and therein lies the ultimate danger."
―I wasn't aware that AIM 7 was so advanced. Thank you Red Skull.

Advanced Idea Mechanics, more commonly known as A.I.M, is a company set up by Nazi scientists during World War II. They were tasked with the development of power through mechanical means. Instead, they became a stagnant scientist for HYDRA. However, Hitler was annually cutting funding for the group towards the end of the war due to their total incompetence, and only providing Hitler with useless items such as Exploding pens and barbed wire bunkers.

After the war, the company went public as a group for hire under a man by the name of Baron von Strucker.

Over the next three and a half decades they would rarely make anything of true use, and, had it not been for East Germany bailouts and the Barons personal fortune he left to the company. The company even splintered at one point. It was dire times for these mechanical maniacs living in the past but thinking toward the future.

However, in 1985 the company made a breakthrough in communications: the instant Messenger. This would allow any single person with a computer to send a message to another person with a computer in live time.

Way ahead of its time, America and Russia refused to buy the software. But China got it at a good price.

This, however, would be not be the only breakthrough the company made with the technology. They would later find ways to control various mechanical items, small or large, using the instant messenger now named after its creating company, A.I.M.

Sadly, this would be short lived. Their control dynamics were clunky at best, and downright impossible at worst. It could make a villain gacking his toaster oven feel like he was hacking into a Sentinel.

And so, the company would fall victim to better versions, such as the rebellious company I.C.Q, or Israeli Company Quarters, and evil American based company Windows.

Splinter GroupEdit

A more bio mechanical based company, A.I.Ds left A.I.M in 1966 to form a bio chemical warfare company for radicals in Africa. Three decades later, they would be the cause of a certain STD pandemic that would sweep the world.

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