Evil Lincoln

Who's going down as a martyr now, motherfucker!?

"I'll kill you like I did William Henry Harrison!"
― President Lincoln
"He was my greatest hero. Until he kicked me in the balls and ran off with my wallet."

Abraham Lincoln, also known as Abe "Evil Lincoln" Lincoln was the sixteenth second President of the United States. He is also one of the most evil minds this world has ever seen. Time and time again, he fights against his own destiny to achieve his goal of world domination. Despite this, he is destined to go down in history as a hero.

Lincoln Zombie

Zombie Lincoln selects his army of souls

Young Lincoln spent most of his life ruthlessly rising to the top of politics through various underhanded and unscrupulous tactics. It was not uncommon for him to rig elections, spread libel, or even pour ground up poison bits into his opponent's pasta. By all accounts, the man was a scumbag. And a sociopath. His criminal insanity led him to take patriotism to illogical extremes. He believed that he was the only one who could handle controlling America, and sought to make sure he was the only one who would ever control America. By force if necessary. After winning the election to become President, he ruthlessly engineered a Civil War tearing his own nation apart. Finally, he was shot down by the rogue gunman John Wilkes Booth, an anti-hero with a flair for the dramatic and a neat moustachioed visage. Booth blew his brains out through the back of his head like the common thug he was.

That sent the bastard straight to Hell. But not even that could stop the evil that lay within his heart. After years of torment at the hands of demons and Neron himself, Lincoln broke free by gnawing at his own arm to escape his bonds and swimming through the river Styx in the middle of winter, uphill both ways. Back amongst the living, he was apalled to see what had become of his great legacy. He tracked down Chronos, ripped off his arm as a replacement, and stole a time machine. Determined to change history at all costs, he has at times fought Rip Hunter and the Time Masters, the Justice League, and on one particularly embarrassing incident even Baby Flash. He reversed history so that his nemesis Booth would be shot in the back of the head, while Lincoln continued on to rob banks, jaywalk and hold newlywed couples up at swordtip point while he robbed them. Lincoln is frequently put back in his place after disturbing the past, but it is only a matter of time before he finds a way to kill us all and end this horrible world he hates so much. He has also come back several times as a zombie to reclaim his throne, although he is frequently gunned down almost immediately by the secret service.

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