What is An Ace Card?Edit

Glad you asked, Heading 3. An Ace Card is The Joker's second favorite way to sharpen his pencil. It is also Arkhampedia's way of saying that this article is awesome and should be worshipped by everybody. Bateman hates The Joker's Ace Card so much that he made something just like them. The Joker uses his Ace Card in only three situations: One: it's Bateman's time to die, Two: he just woke up in bed with his fifty whores, and Three: he feels the need to be Strange and twisted. Lobo is the only person to survive an Ace Card. He survived by catching the card with his teeth and ripping it in two with his eyeballs just because he is so Badass.

Known People Killed by Ace Cards:Edit

Amanda Waller


God(false alarm God just got mad and bitch-slapped his Anarch-Pope)

Superman(the card was made of Kryptonite and he was hit just before he broke into Wonder Woman's Themiscyra and was killed)

Harvey Dent(NEVER make fun of the Joker's shoes)

Jason Todd(what? you actually thought that was a Crowbar? No! it was the Joker's

THIS is an Ace Card.


What happens when an Ace Card hits you.

ting Ace Card... dumbass)

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