Iron Man 182

Noo, Iron Man! Don't give into peer pressure! Your addiction is why we love you!

"Hot damn. There's nothing like a cold brewski in the morning to keep me going strong. What, you thought I go out to fight the Joker sober? Please, what have you been drinking?"
Bruce Wayne
Jubilee: "Can I help?"
Wolverine: "Are you beer?"
— Touche, Logan, touche.

Alcohol is one of everybody's favorite things. It's like a magical drink that makes the bad feelings go away, and then slowly destroys your entire life. When you're under 21, alcohol is very very bad. But when you reach that wonderful age, it becomes very very good. It sure makes the holiday season with your family much, much less unbearable.

The point is, if you're looking for love, it's right here in the bottle just waiting for you. Go ahead. Have a sip. Just one. You'll liiiiiiiiiike it. We promise. Yeah, there you go. That's the stuff. Dude, now you gotta have more. Try this instead, it's much harder, and it tastes even worse. Chug. Chug. Chug. Anyway, do you wanna go to my apartment later?

Beer discovered

Anthro is the first Homo-Sapien to discover beer

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