Amalgam Comics logo

Yes, its just what it looks like when you combine their logos.

The Amalgam universe, also known as Amalgam Comics, is seriously messed up. It's what happens when you take two amazing comic book companies, make them fight one another, and then combine them. They came up with one or two good combinatio. Most of us happen to like the Dark Claw, the combination of Wolverine and Batman. We also like Super-Soldier, the combination of Captain America and Superman. This one is actually not a commie, thanks to Cap. Others are inexcusable and sometimes make fans deathly sick. Like Iron Lantern, the combination of Iron Man and the stinking Green Lantern. That is just plain stupid. Then there is Lobo the Duck, the combination of Lobo and....Howard the Duck? What the Heck? I think I've dwelt on this a tad to long. IT'S GOT TO GO.

List of characters in the Amalgam universeEdit

Fanboys with weak stomachs, please turn to another page now.

Need I go on?

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