Anarchy was a religion that started small, but ended up coverting the entire world to itself. People in Anarchy were known as Anarchists. The leader was called the Anarch-Pope. The Anarch-Pope got to choose where he put the capital of the Anarch people. Usually, it was the Anarch-Pope's hometown. When he chose his capital he was also given the position of mayor of the city. Oog the CroMagnon is a god of Anarchy.


Anarchy was a small religion untill Anarch-Pope Joker came to power. When he came into power there were only 47 Anarchists. Then there were 46. At last count, the whole world except for SuperHeroes were Anarchists.

The 17 Laws of AnarchyEdit

  1. What the Anarch-Pope says, isn't law, its life.
  2. You are a worthless peice of crap. Only the Anarch-Pope is worth something.
  3. You are the Anarch-Pope's salve.
  4. You are also his slave.
  5. Pornography is a no-no. You have to give it to the Anarch-Pope
  6. You're a Pencil sharpener
  7. Morals mean nothing.
  8. Non-Anarchists are even more worthless peice of crap.
  9. You are obliged to either convert or kill non-Anarchists.
  10. Infact, you have to.
  11. Five second rule exists only when eating corn.
  12. Corn is illegal.
  13. This guy is sexy.
  14. Heath Ledger is your favorite actor.
  15. <insert name here>
is an asshole.
  1. NO BLOGS! They insist on making you have unwanted feelings. And opinions.
  2. Opinions are illegal


Known membersEdit

  • Everyone
  • V

Known Anarch-PopesEdit

Known CapitalsEdit