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"My ability to talk to fish occasionally requires that I have back-up."
"How about you stop talking to the stupid fish and... are you even paying attention? We're being shot at!"
― Aqualad

Aqualad is a magical hydrodynamic teenager, from the Lost City of Atlantis. He is Aquaman's sidekick, ward, and trusted confidante. The two of them have a great number of jolly good aqua-adventures under the deep blue aqua-sea. Truly it is a life without regret.

When Aquaman is too boring to hang out with (which he usually is... the man talks to fish), Aqualad spends his time with the Teen Titans.


Journey of a heroEdit

From his humble beginning start as a cheap pool boy in California, Aqualad had to pull difficult jobs to make ends meet for his family. It's difficult to provide for a family underwater, as all jobs take place on land.

When Aqualad met his mentor, Aquaman for the first time, the two clicked on a very personal level, and have been fast friends ever since.

Best buddiesEdit

But life in the Lost City of Atlantis isn't all fun and games every day of the week. That's only on Saturday. The rest of the time, there are scary aquatic-themed villains who want to break stuff. Aqualad is usually trapped in a cave or something while Aquaman tells fish to solve his problems for him.

Teen TitansEdit

Aqualad is a founding member of the Teen Titans, along with Robin, Speedy, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash. He can't really do much, but he was the only one with a pool, so they let him join. Titans Tower gets hot in the summer. And the humidity.


  • Aqualad is probably cooler, but I would rather hang out with Lagoon Boy any day of the week.
  • Actually, scratch that. Aquagirl is definitely a better catch.

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