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Magnificent cleavage powers.

"Truly my force of will has never been tested by a more worthy foe than that fine underage ass."
Hal Jordan

Arisia Rrab is a member of the Green Lantern Corps from a planet where everybody is in middle school. Aside from possessing a Green Lantern Ring, the most powerful weapon in the universe, her super jailbait powers allow her to cloud the minds of her enemies. Simultaneously, they also provide one of the greatest tests of willpower for her fellow Lanterns.

Arisia get hold of yourself

Damn it, woman, get hold of yourself!

Like all women, especially the smaller ones, she is prone to excitability and screaming. Arisia frequently needs to be slapped back into senses by one of the elder and more masculine Green Lanterns. She has fallen in love with Hal Jordan, who's constant slapping reminds her of her father. Although the two are unable to truly be with each other because Arisia is underage, that doesn't stop them from being friends with benefits.

When not saving the universe from galactic monstrosities, Arisia enjoys the musical stylings of Hannah Montana, and classical literature such as Twilight. Her skimpy outfits aren't because she's trying to impress men, it's just her way of expressing herself.

At one point, she was brutally murdered by Major Force because she was sleeping with Guy Gardner. It wasn't a serious case of brutal murder though, and she came back. She's now totally fine, and just as hot as ever.

During the War of Light, she once again rises to kick badguys in the back of the pants, and tighten them in the front. Her jailbait powers make members of the Blue Lantern Corps particularly vulnerable to her... as they are powered completely by hope. Unfortunately, she had to break up with her old boyfriend Agent Orange of the Orange Lantern Corps because he was too possessive. This has caused some awkwardness during superhero battles.

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