Baby Flash 01

Adorable AND Fast. A deadly combination.

"It is a miracle I have not yet killed this child."
Wally West

Baby Flash is the youngest and cutest member of the Flash family, just under Kid Flash. He has all the powers of a toddler... plus super-speed. That includes super-tantrums, super-making-a-mess, and it's also very difficult to get him to put his Flash boots on in the morning because he's a very naughty boy.

Interests include animal crackers, simple jigsaw puzzles, and television. His babysitter, Letitia Lerner, is the most underpaid childcare specialist in the world.

Although Baby Flash poses as a hero, his moral status is questionable in his developmental stages. He is the arch-nemesis of Barry Allen, whose furniture he keeps ruining, (and Pennywise). It is unclear whether his negative actions towards his caretakers are merely the antics of a child, or deliberate acts of sabotage.

He tends to be underestimated by the Rogues who view him as more adorable than harmful. A dangerous mistake to make. When the Top was tricked into babysitting him, he willingly checked himself into an insane asylum rather than continue to play games with the child.

It is possible that Baby Flash is the fastest of all of the Flashes, but it doesn't come up very often as he mainly just wants to drink juice and watch television. 

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