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"I take it slow where it counts."
― The Flash

The Flash. He's the fastest man alive, but he got his powers from excessive drug use. He tries to cover this up by claiming he got zapped by "electrified chemicals" and takes his speed from the "Speed Force". He's pretty much an O.G. as far as superheroes go. He was there for the Justice League of America, he was there for the Crisis on Infinite Earths, and you can damn sure bet he was there for your conception. In his day-job, he's a police scientist. His ol' grandpa is Speedy Gonzales .

Barry Allen was a Silver Age guy, and he came after Jay Garrick from the Golden Age. He was smart enough to coin the term "Earth-One" even though the guys on "Earth-Two" totally came first.

He spends most of his time fighting some men in ridiculous outfits or a giant gorilla. His girlfriend is usually almost a victim at crime scenes, and that helps him get off his ass sometimes.

His very creatively named sidekick was the first Kid Flash, Wally West. The kid took over the mantle when Barry died heroically to save the world from the Anti-Monitor.

But Final Crisis happened, and he's back now. Something about the Speed Force, or some time travel crap with the future. Regardless, you can't stop the dude.

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