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"Any freak in a mask can beat up a supervillain. But it takes a true hero to pee on their furniture."
―Beast Boy on live TV.

Beast Boy is a cuddly furry thing who hangs out with the Teen Titans. In his past, he almost got killed by Sergei Kravinoff . His main job is to annoy Cyborg into an angry chibi, and consume kibbles. Although a longstanding member of the Titans, he is not actually allowed to sleep inside Titans Tower... at least not until Robin house trains him. Also, he used to chill with the Doom Patrol, and sometimes people call him Changeling. Why is he green? So that you only need one crayon.

This weird creature would spend the majority of his teenaged and adult life with the Titans. He was known for being a horndog, attempting to "tap" anything that had a pulse. Unfortunately, no woman, dog, or insect wanted any part of this odd creature.

Despite this, most people found him cute in a cuddly sort of way, and his non-stop flirting was just funny... Until he was twenty-five and hitting on the fourteen and fifteen year old new Teen Titans.

If he keeps it up, they're never gonna let him sleep inside.

Dirty, dirty dog.

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