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"I run this town. Me. Not anybody else. Not "brought to you by the letter 'G'". Big Bird Falcone is Gotham City."
― Big Bird Falcone

Carmine Falcone, alias Big Bird was at one point the most feared crimelord in Gotham City, the head of the Sesame Street mafia. His power was unrivaled and he controlled Gotham's local government and police forces with a feathery iron fist. While Batman, James Gordon and Harvey Dent formed a core team dedicated to taking him down, he was eventually brought down in the wild by hunters for sport, bringing his reign of terror to an end.


Rise to powerEdit

Big Bird 02

Pictured here with an associate, "the Grouch".

Growing up in Gotham, Carmine quickly gained a reputation as one of the most ruthless criminals in the city. An expert at business relations even from his younger years, he surrounded himself with powerful friends. And after brutally butchering Don Kermit in his own nightclub one night, he became the head of the five families of Gotham. This also began a long rivalry with fellow competitor Sal "Grover" Maroni.

His connections with Commissioner Snuffleupagus allowed him to escape indictment, establishing a long-term precedent of bribery and corruption.

Costumed freaksEdit

Although Falcone went unchallenged for a number of years in which he was the supreme Don, his empire began to collapse as more and more costumed personalities came to Gotham, beginning with the Batman.

Other criminals such as the Joker, Scarecrow, Catwoman, the Riddler, Poison Ivy, Mister Freeze, and even the lousy Mad Hatter began to infringe on his enterprises. The lack of respect shown by this new generation shocked and confused Big Bird, driving him to take up mild forms alcoholism.

Despite attempts to find newer and fresher recruits to the Muppets' organization, he would ultimately never recover from the losses he suffered at the strange and twisted hands of the Arkham crowd. And it would lead to his untimely demise, much to the relief of the oppressed masses.

Fall of an empireEdit

Main article: Batman: The Long Halloween
Big Bird 03

Found dead in the streets.

When the Holiday serial killer began picking off members of his mob, Big Bird finally began to truly lose it. In a failed attempt to silence D.A. Harvey Dent, Sal Maroni instead just brutally disfigured him with Grade-A "Supervillain Origin Story"-brand Acid. This turned Dent into the criminal Two-Face, who led the freaks of Gotham to chase Big Bird from his home and force him to flee into the streets. In the end, Big Bird wasn't gunned down by the police, or the supervillains, or even the mob... but by hunters who mistook him for a passing pigeon.

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