Bludhaven 01

Aw, look. You made Nightwing sad.

"It's like Gotham City, Hub City, and dinner with your mother-in-law combined."
Alfred Pennyworth

Blüdhaven is Gotham's sister city. It's a terrible, terrible, terrible place. Horrible.

When Dick Grayson left Batman's side in an angsty temper tantrum, he journeyed to the neighboring Blüdhaven so that he wouldn't be too far away from Alfred's delicious cooking. Blüdhaven is so bad, that Nightwing, one of the world's most incorruptible heroes, was forced to kill some guy, and then got raped by his sidekick. Really.

Finally, during Infinite Crisis, the Brotherhood of Evil made some improvements on the city. By dropping a gigantic living bomb of toxic waste from an airplane, irradiating it and eradicating it of all life. Yay!

But like all cities in the DC Universe that are only interesting because there's so much violent crime, people just kept flocking back there. Uninhabitable? Screw that. Nobody cares what S.H.A.D.E. thinks, and the Atomic Knights cleaned it up anyway, or something. The Teen Titans and the Freedom Fighters were there for that, it was pretty cool.

At any rate, Blüdhaven remains safe to this very day for megalomaniac Gods of Evil to set up illegal gambling parlors that they will use as the foundation for the destruction of Everything. Nice job, assholes.

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