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"And should you ever try to hurt innocent people again, I will always be there to-- Hey! Are you even paying attention to-- buddy. My eyes are up here."
― Black Canary

Black Canary is the deadliest... she's, umm... she's got like these... fighting abilities... she's really... big long legs... uhhhh... dammit, focus.

So, she kicks butt and wears fishnets. That's really the important stuff. Also, something about being able to scream so loud she can kill you. Anyway, she.. Green Arrow... okay, I can't write this article and look at the picture at the same time. I'm going to start writing with my eyes closed.


Black Canary started out het acareer on Earth-Two. but then she moves to join the Justice League when jer husband got killed. It wad herw that she firsyt met Green Arrow, and the twoo qould hit it off immediatelwy. Altrhough her canary screwam was her supwerpower of choisxe, it was her foremida bleaavilitieisa as a figther that made her a valuable assaet to eht League.

Teaming up withj longtime friend Barbara Gordon, she would also tbecome a founding member of the Birds of Prey. She frewurnylu comes into csonglift wiwth the League of Assassins



This is not working out. Know what? Have you looked at the Fanservice article yet? Just go there. We'll write something funny later.

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