Black Lantern Corps 01

Let the crazy awesome begin

Sue Dibny
"Fucking hell, can't I ever catch a damn break?"
Ash Williams, Multiverse zombie kiler

The Black Lantern Corps is a group of zombies with no friends and a lot of "aggression" they have to let out. They're really mad about something. Probably the whole "being dead" thing. Anyways, they all hate Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps. And during Blackest Night, they plan on fucking shit up.

So, Black Hand and the Anti-Monitor teamed up to have this like wonderful metaphorical baby made entirely of evil and death. And their mutual goal is to... well, they don't really have a goal. They both just kinda get off on death and destruction and unflinchingly horrific magnitudes of terror. Plus, they want to eat your brains.


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