Booster Gold 01

He forgot. What a douche.

"Oh, crap, dude, I forgot to tell you, your wife is going to be brutally murdered sometime today and... shit, that already happened? My bad, bro, I kinda dropped the ball on that one."
― Booster Gold
"You stupid douche!"
Ralph Dibny
"aaknk, mdmmnsoo anksnml amsres janljnmas muh muh *sputter* *dies*"
Sue Dibny's last words being torched to death

Booster Gold is a douchebag hero. He traveled back from the future with a mighty superpower suit and knowledge of several hundred years worth of our history. Instead of helping humanity avert any number of great tragedies, curing diseases, or making anything better for anybody, he uses his great knowledge to cheat at betting on sports, and endorse soft drinks. He is a bastard of the first class. Justice League International hired him purely to eliminate him as a ruthlessly douchey competitor. His best "friend" is the Blue Beetle, and he has a cute information robot named Skeets that he refuses to listen to, lest he risk actually helping anyone.

Most of his teammates tolerate him, as a potential human shield should they ever actually face any legitimately lethal villains. His qualifications for the position of hero are next to nothing. In his previous job, he was a disgraced janitor who couldn't even hold down a job as a janitor doing janitorial work. His mentor was the famed El Janitor, although Booster failed miserably at all of his studies. Although there is possibly some vague connection here about wanting to clean up crime, it's more probable he just wanted to use the costume to pick up babes.

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