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For other nerds, see Brainiac (disambiguation).
"Extremely intelligent, completely unlikable, lethally dangerous, and with a core of pure evil. He's basically the Bill Gates of the supervillain comic book world."

Brainiac is the smartest being in the entire universe. His goal is to kill a guy who can be killed by a rock. He has yet to come up with a smart enough plan. Like all omniscient cold unfeeling megalomaniacal geniuses, all he really wants is to be able to feel love.


Brainiac 02

Don't even act like you ain't Superman's bitch.

Origins on ColuEdit

Brainiac was born a Coluan of the Coluan planet of Colu. Everybody there is very smart, and he was also sooooooooooooooo smart. No, but like soooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooo soooooooooooo smart. Like, really, really smart. Like a lot.

And then he became a villain. On Colu.

Life on ColuEdit

It started when he was but a mere child in school, attempting to destroy the other children and take over their entire lunch money. He was frequently sent to the principal's office, whose lunch money he also took.

After controversially destroying and taking the lunch money of the planet elders, he was uncontroversially exiled, under the penalty that should he return, he would have to take everybody out to lunch.

Life on Not ColuEdit

Then, he was on Krypton or something. His first meetings with Jor-El would prove completely unforeshadowy of his later attempts to kill Jor's son Superman. He pretty much spends the majority of his time trying to do that. Sometimes, he and Lex Luthor have tea parties. Rather than actually doing anything effective, his plans primarily involve upgrading old computers, making people's computers crash when they're about to get the high score on Minesweeper, and taking big things and making them small.

Legacy, also usually on ColuEdit

The entire Brainiac family pretty much hates each other and wants each other to die. They seem to flipflop between being good and evil every generation or so. Brainiac 2? Douchebag hero. Brainiac 5? Likewise. But other than that, they basically just want to kill Superman (or at least sleep with Supergirl).

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