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"Revenge is a dish best served running around in a ridiculous outfit firing experimental freezing technology out of a gun."
― Captain Cold

Captain Cold is a villain of the Flash who lives in Central City, and hangs out with a bunch of other guys in silly dresses who shoot strange objects out of their guns. He was named the leader of the Rogues, in a competition over who swears the most. Can you guess what his theme is? ... Correct!



Leonard Snart had an abusive father, who gave him a predictable hatred for authority. Especially authority that sexually abuses his sister, which as far as he's concerned is all of it. Somehow, he got his hands on an experimental Cold Gun, which clearly works perfectly but nobody else was really into the whole thing, so they didn't bother making more than one of them.

Central CityEdit

But you fuck in the Flash's hometown? You're gonna get f'ed up. Captain Cold immediately developed a grudge against the man rudely preventing him from committing crimes and murdering people. But he found friends... he joined up with a bunch of other kooks like Heat Wave, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Pied Piper, Trickster, Abra Kadabra and the Top to form the Rogues. They dedicated themselves fiercely to setting up large elaborate and overly dramatic ways to destroy the Flash based on scientific principles that didn't actually work.

Captain Cold allowed his crew to murder, rape, destroy public property, murder, steal, set things on fire, murder and murder.. as long as nobody was involved with drugs. Later, he allowed them to get involved with drugs.

Making that paperEdit

Everybody thought Captain Cold was kind of silly, until he met the new Flash, and fucking murdered his ass with his friends. He suddenly got a lot less funny, and a lot more crazy. At one point, he was shipped to Arkham Asylum, where the orderlies took his Cold Gun away from him and locked it up in storage.

Then, the Suicide Squad captured the Rogues and deported them a million miles away from the universe, which was pretty annoying. When they came back, they were tired of all other supervillains and refused to play with them during Final Crisis just because Libra said so. Instead, they killed their former buddy who had been bossing them around, and went on with their lives.


Captain Cold finally got tired of being pounded into dog food by heroes like Flash, and began looking for a way to retire. Salvation came in the form of Mister Freeze, who dubbed himself 'Captain Cold' during his first caper. Leonard Snart sued Freeze for copyright infringement and got extremely wealthy. He was able to outlast Freeze in court and take all his money, leaving the other man bankrupt.

Snart moved to California, and made amends with Mister Freeze by voting for him when he ran for office there.

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