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General Information

"My costume doesn't have a mouth, just extra killing."

Cassandra Cain is the coolest Batgirl, coming after Barbara Gordon. Unlike previous sissy Batgirls, she's a badass killer with nothing to lose. When she's not saving lives with Batman and Robin, she's killing people with the League of Assassins. Her mommy and daddy are the world's two other top assassins, David Cain and Lady Shiva.


The world's coolest originEdit

Batgirl was raised to be an unstoppable killing machine. Egg yolks and push-ups? Sissy stuff. She never learned to talk. So that she could be taught just that extra little bit of kung fu. In third grade, she was already killing at a college level. She made her psychopath international terrorist father so proud. She was so good, she could kill you five times before she had killed you the first of those five times.

Mantle of the BatEdit

Killing is wrong, and while both cool and not boring, doesn't gel with the whole Bat-philosophy. She forsook her heritage, and joined the good guys. But even an emo little child like her finds Batman depressing, and instead she opted to hang out with the surprisingly less angsty Robin. As for Spoiler, she's next on her kill list.

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