Clark Kent gets lucky on the IRC.


[Kentanator has joined #Daily-Planet]
[Kentanator has changed name to SuperClarky1]

CrushGirl: hey Clark
SuperClarky1: hey Lois
SuperClarky1: did you finish that story on how me and superman saved that navy crew from those modern pirates?
CrushGirl: ummm... you mean superman saved that navy crew?
SuperClarky1: yea, but /I/ was there...
CrushGirl: ...hiding in the boiler room while those brave sailors risked their lives...
SuperClarky1: sooooooo....wanna cyber???
CrushGirl: hell no
CrushGirl: u know ill only cyber with superman
SuperClarky1: what does superman got that i dont??
CrushGirl: he’s storng and handsome
CrushGirl: *strong
CrushGirl: ur nothing liek that.
SuperClarky1: yes i am!!!!!1
CrushGirl: Clark, u hid under ur desk win a lamp fell over plus you have horrible acne
SuperClarky1: oh yea
SuperClarky1: but that’s besides the point
SuperClarky1: C’mon lois lets cyber!!!
CrushGirl: NO
CrushGirl: Not now
CrushGirl: Not ever
SuperClarky1: But, would you cyber with me if I told you I was...

[SuperClarky1 has changed name to Superman]

Superman: ...SUPERMAN!
Superman: u wanna cybre????
Superman: *cyber
CrushGirl: thnks but no thnks
* Superman puts Loiz in his pants
CrushGirl: I'd rather cyber a Pencil than u

[Superman has changed name to Pencil]

* Pencil humps hard
CrushGirl: not happening, Clark

[Pencil has changed name to Superman]

Superman: oooh yeaa uh uh uh….giggty gig
CrushGirl: im going 2 get perry 2 fire u, u freak!
Superman: uh uh uh ooooooh yea oh
CrushGirl: u'll be hearing from my lawyers, too! Im getting a restraning order

[AmazonQueen has joined #Daily-Planet]

Superman: ooh yea uh uh giggty uh ooh
CrushGirl: holy shit! Its wonder woman!!!
AmazonQueen: Superman! wat r u doing w/ this slut?????

[CrushGirl has been kick-banned by AmazonQueen (SLUT)]

AmazonQueen: ah, that’s better…lets cyber!!!!!!
* AmazonQueen strips and climbs into Superman’s pants
Superman: umm…
Superman: Wait, i have something to tell u...
AmazonQueen: Dont tell me here...ChanServ might be a spy for Lex Luthor....
AmazonQueen: Then again, I dont want Luthor watching us....

[ChanServ has been kick-banned by AmazonQueen (We no its u Luthor!)]

Superman: alright! ohh yea...uh uh ooh ooh giggty
AmazonQueen: HARDER baby! C'mon! we'll make superkids tonight!!! ooh baby

[KryptonKrip has joined #Daily-Planet]

Superman: Alright giggty gig...ooh yea ah oh
AmazonQueen: HAAAARRDEER! Oh baby!
AmazonQueen:Oh, Superman
KryptonKrip: WW, what are u doing w/ this poser???

[Superman has been kick-banned by KryptonKrip (POSER)]

AmazonQueen: I'm sorry! i didnt no!

[AmazonQueen has been kick-banned by KryptonKrip (Kludd!)

KryptonKrip: Wat happened to ChanServ?

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