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The Cookie Monster is a member of the notorius Sesame Street gang. He is the reason you hold your little group therapy sessions in broad daylight. Fueling his addictions led him to turn to a life of crime, although numerous attempts have been made to reform and incarcerate him.


Big Dreams in a Bright CityEdit

As a child, Dan Monster's parents were murdered for illegal baking. Forced from foster home to foster home, his life was one rife with the possibilities for moral corruption, and he took them. As a teenager, he was already frequently brought in for fencing stolen cupcakes in the city's parks. During the Vietnam War, was a demolitions expert in Vietnam, were he was dramatically mutated after he failed to defuse a home made mine that had radiation laced in it. He grew blue fur and became buff and gruff, but after a confrontation from one of his oldest friends, the Cookie Monster started taking the clean path of legitimate business. He opened a bakery in Gotham City, which was demolished within minutes by a battle between Killer Croc and the urban terrorist Batman.

After this, the Cookie Monster snapped and quickly found his talents were more suited to crime. Eventually, he found the perfect mixture, and using cookies to enhance his strength, acts as a mob enforcer for some of the worst criminals in Gotham City, such as Grover Maroni and Big Bird Falcone. The Cookie Monster joined up with the Sesame Street Mafia, and rose through the ranks, becoming a crime lord after exacting one half of his revenge by killing the Killer Croc in an unfortunate incident at a Gotham City bar. Croc and the Riddler frequented the bar often for poker games, beating Maxwell Lord and Mister Freeze. However, The Cookie Monster was far better, beating both villains at their own game.

When the Sesame Street Mob were forced out by the costumed freaks, he also muscled for criminals like the Penguin, Two-Face and the Ventriloquist.

Fighting the BatEdit

Batman is Cookie Monster's number one nemesis, having put him in jail on countless occasions (although his connections frequently bust him out). Usually, when unable to cope with the Cookie Monster's massive strength, Batman will simply have Robin hide his insulin and put him into a diabetic fit.

The Cookie Monster's secret weakness is... vegetables.

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