Issue #2:DoomEdit

Lex Luthor has revealed the Portal of Evil that leads to another universe to five other super-villians.

What is it with you earthlings and your doom? Not everything is doomful. If that was true we would die when we walked into that pitiful excuse for a portal. You earthlings, truely are bad at naming things.
Shut it you Exterterrstrial Idiot. I don't need any smart comments while I'm monolouging evily.
What came first? Lex or the Brain. Hahahahahahahaha!
Thats horrible. This is why I'm the better villian. What are you even doing here? You aren't even close to being a good villian. Or rather a bad one.
Yeah...Well Bane was in the hospital with several tumors, Poison Ivy developed a nasty case of poison oak, Mr. Freeze had a fever of fourteen degrees, TwoFace is in the middle of an identity crisis, the Penguin had a prior commitment at a fishsticks eating contest, the Killer Croc is suing the Killer Moth for name rights, Ra's al Ghul is in some forign country with no phones, and Catwoman was out buying more tight clothing for the benefit of us fanboys...uh, I mean fanboys in general. Anyway the Riddler was the only choice left of villians from Gotham.
Scarecrow 02
You could've just told us the rest were unavailable you long winded bastard.

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