Issue #3:Moving to MarvelEdit

We have come to Issue #3 and these so called "supervillains" are taking their damn good time moving their butts out of a conference room on a farm outside of Smallville...sigh.

Bizarro bored! Bizarro want to crush Superman.
In due time my retarded friend. In due time, but first we must conquer the next universe through this portal.

Lex and the other "supervillians" enter the portal and dissappear from the farm. But two ,normally unwelcome, visitors, visit a few minutes later.

Ha! We're here to stop you Lex. And, no I'm not paying for the door, you- We're to late, aren't we?
D'uh, you peice of Batshit. I told you we shouldn't of taken the Batmobile.
...Shut up...

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