Rage Kitty 01

Yes, he vomits lava blood that kills people and is all-consumed by a fiery rage of death... but he's adorable!

Evil doesn't always look evil. Sometimes, it's so cute that you just want to reach out and pet it. Which, strictly speaking, isn't a good idea because of the whole... it being evil thing, but still. You can't always judge a book by its cover. It's best to just assume everything is evil, kill first and ask questions later. That's how we live our lives.

Examples includeEdit

  • Look at the cute fuzzy wuzzy Rage Kitty... so what if the Red Lanterns are creatures of unspeakable horror... maybe he just needs some evil catnip.
  • Starro would make for a great pet... as long as you always kept the fishbowl closed.
  • Aw, Jean Loring just wants her husband back. That's so sweet. Wait, she did what with a flamethrower?
  • Have you ever seen Gorilla Grodd sleeping? Sometimes, he dreams he's running.
  • Admit it. You want to give Lex Luthor a big ole' hug when he sits in his chair all depressed like that.
  • Kryptonite Dog. 'Nuff said.
  • Daww, look at the adorable little wormy turn into an Elder God and screw up the Multiverse in an attempt to devour it. Ain't he kyoot?