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―Cyborg responds to everyday-life situations the only way he knows how.

Cyborg is a member of the Teen Titans who's half-human and half-'duct tape'. When their son Victor was in an accident, genius inventors and negligent parents Silas and Elinore Stone realized if they played their cards right they would never have to buy another kitchen appliance again. And so the Cyborg was created, out of a toaster, a blender, some parts of a broken washing machine, paper clips and rubber bands. These unique abilities allow him to act as an invaluable coat-rack to the rest of the Titans. Unfortunately, he's not much cuter as a chibi, either. He also has an evil white twin called Zig-Zag Ziggy Fuckface Pedo. He is dressed oddly, likes to rape little girls, and is also from a crappy video-game.

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