Dead Aquababy

Aquababy! No!!

"This is the worst thing that could ever happen to a baby."

Death is a curious thing. One day, you're walking around, having fun, perhaps chatting to a few flowers, a few people, a few superheroes like Superman. The next day, you're lying in your hospital bed, not moving, doing nothing. I think this proves that death is boring. Death is so damn boring that, to get away from the boredom, you either want to be entombed underground, where you can't see anyone else having fun, or you want to be burnt. That's how damn boring it is. Karma, for doing this, is a bitch. No one likes Karma. By reading this, you're tempting Karma to punt you in the bollocks straight into the world of unluckiness. That's what the Joker found out, after making insensitive jokes about karma and death. Gnora the Gnome discovered that reading said jokes also brings this bad luck upon you, so you, my dear reader, are pretty damn screwed.

Usually a result of killing. However, it can also come from suicide, cancer, or natural causes. For superheroes and supervillains, it usually serves as a direct stimulus for rebirth. When it happens to women like Alexandra DeWitt, it's called "Women in Refrigerators" because that's more serious.

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