Doctor Manhattan's penis

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"Sheesh, talk about a cancer stick."
Janey Slater
"It's like a glow stick and a slinky combined!"
Silk Spectre

Doctor Manhattan's penis is a glowing blue object that acts as one of the greatest weapons and threats to mankind in the Watchmen universe. It has the power to enlarge, duplicate, and even fire out massive beams of pure energy. And that's just in the bedroom. Although its existence was originally uncovered by such top experts as Janey Slater and Silk Spectre, it quickly made itself known as a world superpower when Manhattan unveiled it during a press conference. The ensuing arms race caused the Soviet Union to begin developing their own military programs of "natural male enhancement". The threat was finally removed from Earth when Ozymandias convinced Doctor Manhattan to leave the planet for Mars, and take his equipment with him.

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