He decided to put clothes on just so he could rip them off at one of his Commie speeches.

The first Doomsday was created in an ancient Kryptonite abortion clinic. A gentleman named "Bertron" thought that it would be a great idea to use kryptonite to imbue himself with superpowers. However, the kryptonite also turned him evil. He stole a rocket ship and flew around space for thousands of years. . Doomsday then became an infamous leader of an island nation on the planet Earth. Arkham Asylum and Duela Dent

Unfortunately, Doomsday's Communist regime was lost in a poker game at a Gotham City bar. He challenged a minor rogue named Captain Pathetic to a poker game. Pathetic had just been beaten up by a Bateman doppelganger calling himself the "Batman of Earth-Two", and he was mad. Therefore, he played as aggressively as he could (and cheated), causing Doomsday to lose. In a fit of anger, Doomsday placed a bet on hi island kingdom, and lost the second game (and his kingdom), as well. Several villains joined the barroom brawl, including Mister Freeze, the Riddler, and Killer Croc. When {{USERNAME} entered the bar with his bodyguard Amygdala looking for action, he jumped in too, and Doomsday was finally subdued by everyone in the bar and innocent passerby.

While everyone got on with their evening, Doomsday, cold as a cod, was dragged away by several orderlies, who took him to Arkham Asylum, a well-known vacation spot for villains in Gotham. When Doomsday awakened, he vented his frustration on the walls of his padded cell. Upon trying the Arkham cooking served up by Lumpy Custard, Doomsday went berserk again and made the mistake of attacking the Joker.


After another few years running his island nation (into the ground, that is), Doomsday, desperate for money, agreed to come to negotiations with the Beanie Baby corporation. He was legally obligated by contract to become nicer and give up cruelty after signing a gigantic deal with the company for more money.

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