Elasti-Girl 01

This is why you don't let superheroes get near national landmarks.

"It's okay, dear. There's a place where your horrifyingly disgusting ugliness will simply be ignored, because we respect you underneath how hideously deformed you are as a person. Welcome to the Doom Patrol, freak."
Niles Caulder

Elasti-Girl, Rita Farr is a member of the Doom Patrol with the ability to stretch far beyond the limits of your wildest fantasy. Her powers are growing hundreds of times her own size, or shrinking down really small, because that's what elastic does. Before becoming a superhero, she was a famous actress. But superpowers made her a FREAK and she had no choice but to quit in shame when she discovered that she had them. These powers that in no way affected her appearance, and were completely voluntary, made it impossible for her to pursue her career, because nobody would want somebody so hideously deformed. She spends most of her time crying about how nobody thinks she's beautiful since getting the powers that in no way affect her appearance.

After awhile, she became married to Mento out of his pity for her. This union has led to discovering some creative new usages of her powers. Together, embracing their lifestyle of being freaks, they adopted Garfield Logan, a small green child who gnaws on the furniture. Robotman and Negative Man are like the step-uncles or something. And the Chief is... well, he's an old douchebag in a wheelchair, but that's besides the point. They seem to be relatively happy together in their bizarre and freakish union.

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