Felix Faust

Felix Faust was a sorceror from Egypt and a total brain idiot. He was born in the smack dab middle of egypt during a war, and as he got older, he showed major talent for Mystic arts, but his intellect was the size of an apricot. His body was eventually destroyed, but his spirit survived and possesed a professer of archaeology named Dekan Drache. Faust took up Drache's University teaching job to blend in for a while, but, eventually stood out WAAAY too much due to his stupid train of thought. Still in Drache's body, he made a deal with the Greek God Hades. However, he was forced to threaten everything he knew to do it. To make matters worse, Hades tricked Faust and tried to kill him. However, Faust did not die. His skin crumbled to dust, revealing his True form inside his body. Faust blasted Hades back into the underworld and attacked all of Greece. He still remains at large. Only time will tell if his rampage is stopped.

Faust's true form

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