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"Nike. Just do it."
The Flash

He's the Flash. The fastest man alive. Faster than a speeding bullet, and more loco than a powerful motive. So fast, he can literally be in two places at once, and that's without time travel. The Flash is a member of the Justice League of America. And he eats more than any other hero combined. He also has a nerdy sidekick, Kid Flash.


Jay GarrickEdit

Main article: Jay Garrick

Jay Garrick was the Flash from the Golden Age, with the Justice Society of America on Earth-Two. He thought that wearing a mask was kind of gay, so instead he wore... a goddamn helmet. Because that was all he freaking needed. Anybody who saw his face? >BAM< Hit with the WWI helmet!

Barry AllenEdit

Main article: Barry Allen

The Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen was a Justice League of America guy on Earth-One. He got his powers from consuming too much cocaine in his grandfather's basement, but he attempted to distract people from this fact by claiming he got his abilities from the "Speed Force" without explaining what it is. When he wasn't fighting the Rogues, he spent a lot of time crying over how his girlfriend kept getting taken hostage all the time. 

Wally WestEdit

Main article: Wally West

Wally West was the first Kid Flash, with the Teen Titans. But he cheerily took the promotion when Barry Allen was killed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. As the Flash, Wally West took his fast lifestyle to the logical extent, with fast cars, fast food and fast women.

Bart AllenEdit

Main article: Bart Allen

Impulse. Kid Flash. All of the other Flashes had to be either dead, or senior citizens before they called this kid out of the woodworks. He had to become the Flash during Infinite Crisis, because every single other person who could run overdosed on "Speed Force" and for god's sake somebody needed to kick Superboy-Prime's ass. It took him about a year or two of being the Flash, before he was killed by Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard and Inertia in an absolutely badass moment for all villains involved. Of course, it didn't take too long for Brainiac 5 to bring him back. But, younger and dreamier of course.

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