God of Gods

What's a god?

Well, you'd be surprised as too what makes you a god. Basically, anyone called a God, with the exception of one God, is anyone who is either a pawn of god or a minion of the devil. There are literally hundreds of these suckers, and we're going to lay them out for you.

Lucias Fox is the God. That's why this page is called "Gods", not just "God". He runs that shit. He is the shit. Never, ever disrespect the main man.

Under that, you've got the Comic book writers, his disciples. Stan Lee is is effectively Jesus, which makes Dan DiDio Moses. Bob Kane would be Joseph, then, which effectively means Joe Simon is Mary. Jack Kirby, Jerry Siegel, and Joe Shuster are effectively the guys who bring the presents, I suppose. that dude that we hate and that you should never follow this link to is a God. Fox locks him in the mid basement, between heaven and hell and unwanted by both.

Next, we have the comic gods. Lucius does not count because, as stated he is the shit. This is pretty expansive, including, in the DC Universe, Highfather, Darkseid, and Big Barda. in Marvel Comics, they include Thor, Hercules, and Loki.

After this, we've got the guys so sweet they might as well be gods, so they were appointed as such. These include in DC, the Joker, Martian Manhunter, and Mister Terrific. In Marvel Comics some examples are Deadpool, Iron Man, and Venom.

The final group is the special guys. These could be god or bad, depending on how you look at it. Baleman and Steelpool are two examples. But, then again, so is El Janitor and that fat old bitch is too. You choose.

Notable GodsEdit

God of GodsEdit

  • God Otherwise known as Morgan Freeman the Awesome


Mortals appointed as GodsEdit

  • The Joker Powerful leader of Gotham City, Anarchy
  • Deadpool Kick Ass Merc With a Mouth
  • Iron Man He's a living weapon. So are Deadpool and Lobo, but...yeah
  • Lobo 19 inch penis. Later demoted for sleeping with all the godesses
  • A bunch of other guys that aren't important enough to be featured on this list

Users appointed to GodhoodEdit

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