Captain America Comics 1

Captain America is punching Adolf Hitler in the face. That is all.

"I miss it being totally okay for me to walk around shooting people."

The Golden Age was the first era of comic books. And as you can tell from the name, probably the best. Sure, they didn't have your fancy schmancy "stuff" or whatever, but their charm and enthusiasm certainly made up for it.

We know what you're thinking. If everybody says the Golden Age was so great... how come it sucked so badly? How come every single time you pick up a Golden Age comic book, it completely completely blows. They're boring to the point of absurdity.

Well, cut the guys some slack. Most of them were teenagers who were too young to fight in World War II. And we got some beautiful damn things from them. The majority of the foundations for modern comics. It might not have had the glitz and raz-mataz of the Silver Age, but it had heart, damn you!

Reasons it was awesomeEdit

  • Will Eisner. The Spirit.
  • Superman showed up for the first time, kicked ass and took names, instead of going on those crummy feel-good missions to save the world.
  • Wonder Woman's undertones of bondage... You know subtlety? Golden Age didn't.
  • Any little kid could become a superhero. Just ask Captain Marvel.
  • You know that whole idea of mature comic books with logical plotlines that even adults can read and enjoy? Screw that. People just got in fights, punched the crap out of each other, then talked vaguely about justice, and went home with no further consequences, character development, or continuation of the story.
  • Racial propaganda during World War II. It was hilarious.
  • They didn't make comics for girls. Deal with it.

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