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"Kneel before Grodd!"
―Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd is a gigantic evil monkey with a craving for delicious power and a craving for even more delicious sweet human flesh. His dream is to create a monkey-paradise, and take over the monkey-entire monkey-world.


A simple gorillaEdit

Grodd was but a simple evil gorilla born to two simple parents (who also coincidentally happened to be gorillas) that lived most of his simple life chucking feces and hunting wildlife in the jungles of Africa. That is until something miraculous happened. While bathing with his cousin/father in the sun one day, a space rock landed nearby. Now, this wasn't your normal run-of-the-mill space rock. This was a space rock from a distant planet that emanated a special type of rabies. After examining the object, the gorilla took the rock back to what he called home.

The following morning, Gorilla Grodd awoke -- and found his intelligence had increased so much that was able to talk. Not only was he able to talk, everyone else in the village was as well. Now fully aware of his surroundings, Grodd began planning to get out of Africa and eventually make his way to the United States of America where he'd slowly take over the world.

Rise to PowahEdit


Dressing for the job

Unlike other stereotypical megalomaniacs who tried to take over the world through money or power or superior force, Grodd had his own creative vision... to unite the Earth by turning every single human into a gorilla! Like most geniuses, his work would not be appreciated within his own lifetime.

Well, turning most humans into gorillas. The rest are... well... a guy's gotta eat.

Setting up his operations in the aptly named Gorilla City, using his army of killer gorillas, Grodd declared war on your face. And the only two puny objects that stood in his way were an equally intelligent and strong gorilla, and a man who could run fast enough to give you cancer.

Grodd Among MenEdit

Needless to say, the majority of his schemes to turn the world into monkeys do not work out in the end. Probably not because that's a crazy and ridiculous plan. Probably because he hasn't worked all of the kinks out of his monkey ray yet.


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