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"Do you have any idea how long it takes to paint all of this stuff?"
Green Arrow
"For me, being Batman has always been about being prepared for every situation I can think of, and even those I can't. For Oliver, being Green Arrow is mostly about hoping he never ever meets somebody smart enough to shoot his ass."
Bruce Wayne
"Who? What? What does he do? Really? That's dumb."
"If God wanted people to shoot a bow, he wouldn't've invented assault weapons."
Kelly Bundy

Green Arrow is the bow-wielding cap-wearing womanizing hero of Star City. He wears a green costume, and shoots arrows that are also that color.

Let's talk about that for a second. He walks around carrying a weapon that was outdated by the year 1500. And there is a reason that the rest of the world has moved on. Seems useless? Probably. The important thing is, he has friends, and they are trying to help him sort things out.

Green Arrow 02

Civilian identity. Yes, that's Nicolas Cage, and No, he never lets go of that thing. Not even when he sleeps.

But he doesn't just shoot arrows at people. He uses trick arrows. He takes regular painful arrows, and duct tapes crap like a boxing glove or a container of glue on the end, and THEN fires them at people. A boxing glove. He literally took just about the worst projectile weapon he could be using aside from a nerfgun or a slingshot... and still managed to make it even more pointless.

He's basically the love-child of Batman and Robin Hood, if that happened. I'm sure you can find it on the internet.

Green Arrow has a sidekick named Speedy. Pick either one. The heroin addict, or the one with AIDS. he's "romantically" involved with Black Canary. He also has an estranged illegitimate son Connor Hawke, also calling himself Green Arrow, who he had with an ex-girlfriend. His best friend is Green Lantern, but they fight a lot. He also had another illegitimate child with an assassin who raped him, but we... don't talk about that too much.

Oliver Queen was a longstanding member of the Justice League of America, although what use his particular choice of old-school methodology could've been against cosmic sorcerers and alien tyrants of death is unclear to us. Mostly, he was like the token black guy, except he wasn't black.

As an aging liberal hippie with medieval weaponry, it's not always easy for Green Arrow to find his own niche in the world. But he's got a frigging bow and arrow, and he takes it everywhere. At least nobody is messing with him in the meantime.

It's a hard knock life. And somebody's got to be shooting arrows at big business executives. It makes the world go round. Stimulates the economy. Saves the rainforest. Well, it looks cool.


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