Green Lantern Ring 01

Unfortunately, for those without willpower, a ring only causes great fear.

"This tiny ring is one of the most powerful and valuable objects in the entire universe. Do not go to the bathroom with it on, and always look before you flush."
Kilowog instructs rookies

Green Lantern Rings are the most powerful weapon in the universe, used by the Green Lantern Corps. They directly channel the willpower of the user, and turn it into an unlimited source of green energy that's completely omnipotent. However... it doesn't work on yellow, so if you get hit in the face with mustard, you're shit out of luck. To wield a Power Ring, you must be truly without fear. This requires... a lot of booze. In addition to helping them fight crime, the rings also act as a number of other things, such as translators and navigators. Alternative functions such as these allow Green Lanterns to stay sauced up for the entirety of the Ring's 24 hour charge. Because of the requirements of using the ring, the most common death for Green Lanterns is liver failure.

Unfortunately, because of a necessary impurity in the ring's energies, it cannot be used by asians.

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