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"Sometimes, I even creep myself out."
― Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is the Joker's girlfriend. She's almost as crazy as he is, except she's more fun at parties. Born and raised in Gotham City, former psychologist Harleen Quinzel is living proof that Arkham Asylum is the dumbest place you could ever send somebody to make them get better. When she's not hanging out with Poison Ivy, she's usually flirting with Batman, Robin or... Batgirl? God knows all three would be a step-up.


Arkham AsylumEdit

At first, Doctor Harleen Quinzel was just another psychologist who was hired on staff at Arkham Asylum, and assigned to have sex with the Joker. Well, technically cure him of his 'homicidal psychosis', but she was creative, and knew what was expected of her as a duty by signing up at the most popular vacation spot for the Joker and other villains. Young girls fall in love... and she saw something, deep in the eyes of that.. remorseless serial killer. The next logical step was to put on a ridiculous and clashing costume with bells on it, then run around shooting people. And she went to Harvard for this.

The first thing she did in her new identity was laugh in the face of the Arkham staff members (Her former co-workers), attempting to make Lumpy Custard eat her own stew, throwing El Janitor down a flight of stairs (Which the Joker made sure she got a raise for), and shoving the asylum's security guard into nearby trashcan when he attempted to calm her down. However, the commotion raised by Lumpy Custard's wailing, El Janitor's screaming, and the security guard trying to get out of the trashcan caused several of the Arkham inmates to complain to the Joker to remove such a threat.

So the Joker threw Harley out of Arkham, never to return. He did continue to go to Saturday night parties with her, though.

Out on her ownEdit

But surprisingly, insane murdering sociopaths don't make the most loving and tender of boyfriends. Eventually, after almost being killed by him several dozen times, she decided it might be time for a mild trial separation. She hangs out with her girlfriends, eats ice cream, watches chick flicks, and robs banks. It's a girl thing.

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