Jason Todd is probably the most well known sufferer of this syndrome

Hero/Villain Transfer syndrome is a severe disease spread throughout the world, where, in best case scenarios, you get some like Ronald Reagan, and in worst case scenarios, you get a Jason Todd.

The disease starts out as a Good/Bad Recognition disorder, in which the sufferer suddenly can't see the white line between good and bad. Y'know, a stolen gumball here, an illegally downloaded CD there...

As life goes on, you begin to do some petty crimes. Steal some money form a convenience store, take candy from a baby, shoot your neighbors dog and serve it to them for dinner, listen to a Justin Beiber album...

But traumatic events, such as the death of a loved one, or, in some extreme cases, your own death, the symptoms become much more severe. Before you know it your attacking your own mentor, attempting to kill him, and failing, then taking up his personae, running around his home town, killing innocents you deem guilty, then taking your mentors new sidekick and setting him up to be killed. Oh, the old man will never see it coming? WILL YOU OLD MAN?!



Sorry, got carried away. Anywho, its a bad disorder. Please make a donation to help us heal these poor souls.

Known SufferersEdit

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