The following is a conversation that took place over the IRC between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson regarding Peter's love for MJ. An alternative to the cafe scene in Spider-Man 2.


[Troy_B has joined channel]
[Troy_B has changed name to LilPetey]

EmmJay: thnks 4 cumming
LilPetey: np ive always wanted to cum here
LilPetey: evrything ok???
EmmJay: ya
EmmJay: ive got a question
LilPetey: ok???
EmmJay: do......... u...................
EmmJay: wanna.......
EmmJay: go.......
EmmJay: out?
LilPetey: um
LilPetey: ...
EmmJay: see a show sometime?
LilPetey: oh yea
LilPetey: yea that wood b great
LilPetey: i thot u were asking me out for a sec LOL
EmmJay: XD
EmmJay: >.>
EmmJay: <.<
LilPetey: hahahahahahahhahahahahahaha
LilPetey: soooo.......... yea.......
LilPetey: ur new avatar looks really pretty
LilPetey: its very butiful
EmmJay: thnks
LilPetey: its the most butiful avatar youve ever made
EmmJay: um..... thnks?
* LilPetey nods
LilPetey: its just as butiful as you are IRL
EmmJay: i...... like yours to?
LilPetey: thankee
EmmJay: .....
LilPetey: ...........
EmmJay: so do you think you might wanna.........
LilPetey: yes??
EmmJay: talk about the new metal gear solid game?
LilPetey: sure
LilPetey: uh yea sure
EmmJay: .....
LilPetey: ...........
EmmJay: look peter im gonna be serious now
EmmJay: ive liked....
EmmJay: you for a while now and i was wondering
EmmJay: maybe you wanna go out with me sometime?
LilPetey: uh
LilPetey: sure hold up one sec
LilPetey: i just wanna
LilPetey: do something
LilPetey: or
LilPetey: yea

[Switching to private chat with harry_oz]

LilPetey: harry u gota help me dude!!!
harry_oz: peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
harry_oz: paaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr!!!1
LilPetey: mj just asked me out!!
harry_oz: she did?
LilPetey: yea should i do it????!!!
harry_oz: ....
harry_oz: no dude its not the right time!!!
LilPetey: are u just telling me that so yu can have her too urself??
harry_oz: no buddy id never do that!!
LilPetey: ok

[Switching to public chat]

LilPetey: hey srry im back
EmmJay: ok
EmmJay: so whats your anser?
EmmJay: do u want me to be your gf??
LilPetey: i....
LilPetey: ......dont
EmmJay: :(
EmmJay: why
LilPetey: um..........
EmmJay: have cyber with me
LilPetey: O__________O
LilPetey: ok
LilPetey: gets lube
LilPetey: ok how do we do this??
LilPetey: oh u already started
EmmJay: yea ive done this before
* LilPetey puts cock in pussy
LilPetey: oh yea oh yea
LilPetey: weeeeeee
EmmJay: weee??
LilPetey: srry
LilPetey: do the screw harder
LilPetey: whooo
* LilPetey humps harder
EmmJay: oooooohhhhhhhhhh bby
* LilPetey humps harder
LilPetey: hump
LilPetey: hump harder
EmmJay: ooooooooooooooooooooojhhhhhh bby
LilPetey: Hump Hump Hump kissing

[Octavioso has joined room]

EmmJay: mmmmmmmmm
EmmJay: is it hard IRL?
LilPetey: more baby more
Octavioso: wtf? O_o
LilPetey: oh shit octavius is here!!!
EmmJay: get out of here otto!!!!!!
Octavioso: izn ur ircz watchin ur cyberz
Octavioso: gimme 1 good reason not to b telling everyone u too are cybering
LilPetey: what do you want otto??
Octavioso: i want 1 million $ every yearfor the rest of my life
LilPetey: no
Octavioso: i want a helicopter to fly me anywere i want
EmmJay: no
Octavioso: ok, i want u to send spiderman to my wow server so we can duel
Octavioso: and thats my final offer
LilPetey: but spiderman doesnt play world of warcraft
Octavioso: i dont care
Octavioso: ull send him or ill tell everyone that u too are nothing but pathetic cyberers
Octavioso: and ill kickban EmmJay
LilPetey: but..........

[EmmJay has been kick-banned by Octavioso (FLOOB)]

LilPetey: ok ok!!!!
LilPetey: ok ill send spiderman!!!!! just please unban her!!!!!!!!!
Octavioso: ill do ti when spidey arrives

[Octavioso has left]

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