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Robert Downy Jr.


"Someday Tony will learn that war is not, in fact, like Halo."
Ho Yinsen

Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man from his various failed attempts at being a Super Hero, was a born and raised Billionaire. His father ran Stark Industries, and after his death, this brilliant little twit inherited it.

Blessed with unsurpassed mechanical expertise, Tony rarely used his talents towards anything good. No, he stayed at home and used his "Ultimate Console" creation to play first person shooters all day and night.

It wasn't until he was kidnapped that he did anything of value. he was thrown into a prison with a crazy old man, and was told to create a Nuclear Bomb for them, or they'd kill him.

instead, he decided he'd try to make Master Chief's armor. The old man in the room with him told him it would be better if he just made a fucking buzzsaw, but of course, Tony Stark listens to no one.

Soon, he came out in a hunk of junk metal piece, and blasted his way out, only to have a catastrophic failure with his Jetpack and crash to the ground below.

Once back to the states, he'd make another version, and a attempt a life of being a super hero. His successes where, however, few and far between.

He would later become a hopeless Alcoholic, and fall into a downward spiral that would lead to him becoming a Villain of sorts.

Today, he has returned to gaming, and has aspirations to become the worlds greatest one man killing team...

...On Halo:Reach.

His company is so going bankrupt...

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