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"My helmet protects me from the bad people."
― The Flash

Jay Garrick is the original Flash from the Golden Age. He was around during World War II and everything. He is so fast, he can catch a bullet in his hands... with his bare hands. He can get shot anywhere except the head. Because he has a helmet on. He inspired Barry Allen to also run very, very fast.



Jay Garrick got his powers from inhaling "hard water" in college. This made him, very, very fast. The next logical step was to put on the tightest t-shirt he could find, and a World War One helmet. He was now ready to catch bullets in his hands... with his bare hands. In a controversial decision, he settled down with his non-helmet wearing sweetheart, Joan Williams.

Wearing the HelmetEdit

While wearing his helmet and running very fast with it, Jay met other heroes like himself. Well, most of them had other powers and did not wear helmets, but he's not a man of prejudice. He helped form the Justice Society of America with these other guys.

Justice SocietyEdit

He should probably be retired by now. But until he can no longer catch a bullet in his hands with his bare hands, he'll keep on wearing that helmet. Sometimes he mentors other very fast people like Kid Flash.

To date, no other very fast people have picked up on the helmet fad. It's pretty universally agreed that Barry Allen's costume is a lot cooler and a lot less sucky.

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