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"Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead."
― King James Bible, 8:22

Jesus of Nazareth, alias Jesus Christ, is the central figure of Christianity, a philosopher, teacher, and martyr, believed to be the Messiah of ultimate salvation and Son of God by followers of Christian traditions. After being horrifically murdered, he was resurrected... with the purpose of bringing vengeance to those who had wronged him in life. During the second coming, he was reanimated as a Black Lantern zombie and does battle with Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps.


Pre-Lantern CareerEdit

Before entering his more well-known career as a supervillain, Jesus apparently worked part-time as a preacher. His basic ideas mostly involved people getting along with each other, and not hurting other people. For this insanity, after a lengthy stay in Arkham Asylum, he was sentenced to the most gruesome death imaginable.

Blackest NightEdit

Main article: Blackest Night

As the natural choice for a right-hand man in any organization, Jesus was one of the first corpses revived by the Black Hand. Attempting to right the wrongs done against him in life, the ghost of Jesus now haunts and tries to eliminate all existing descendants of everybody who ever had a poor opinion of him. Accepting Jesus as your personal savior is truly the only guaranteed way to get to Heaven... whether you're ready yet or not.


Prior to gaining his Black Lantern Ring, which augments his own abilities, Jesus possessed a number of inherent superpowers. Besides the general divine ability to fly, he could also transmogrify liquids, and had some degree of healing powers. He seemed to have limited precognition... and the amount of time he was crucified for suggests increased resistance to pain; possibly some limited invulnerability factor. He was also super-pious, and capable of forgiveness at a vastly superhuman level.

Later, when he became a Black Lantern, his ring gave him the ability to make energy constructs controlled by his mind. His mind warped and turned crazy from years of being legally brain-dead, he mainly focuses his power into ironic and cruel deaths for non-believers. Or believers. Or... anybody basically who gets in his way.

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