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Actually, his formal attire greatly helped towards concealing his identity as a superhero. Instead of those ridiculous costumes everyone else wears. You gotta admit, the man looks damn handsome.

For the other Green Lantern, see John Stewart.

"Damn. When I had the ring, I probably should've used it to make efficient political gestures instead of giving politicians with silly-sounding names their comeuppance. Oh well, hindsight is 20-20. "
― Jon Stewart, retired GL

Green Lantern Jon Stewart was a member of the Green Lantern Corps, and a protector of the Earth before retiring to become a television comedian. He gave his ring and his responsibilities over to a successor, John Stewart, who probably became more well-known.

During his time on the Corps, Stewart's best friend was prominent fellow Lantern Tomar-Re, who shared dreams of becoming a pundit. However, when Jon moved on to his hit series The Daily Show, he instead gave the position to Stephen Colbert. His dreams of show-business crushed, Tomar-Re was later killed by Goldface on the Antimatter moon of Qward. John Stewart held a fundraiser in his honor, taking an efficient stand against the problems faced by the Xudarian people, such as poverty and disease that Tomar-Re had been unable to fight in his own lifetime, even with his mighty powers.

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