The reptile

Killer Croc

"This is stirring us up. ARE YOU CRACKED!!??"
―Killer Croc

Killer Croc was originally a skin diseased kid named Waylon Jones. He was hated everywhere, and some people thought his skin was FUNNY. Jones got sick of this and turned to a life of crime. He went and humiliated each and every family of the kids who laughed at him, before joining up with Penguin. After a humiliating imprisonment, Croc was released on parole for good behavior. He retired from crime and raised his daughter, but returned to crime after losing custody of his daughter to his ex-wife. A few nights after his return to terrorism, he started having nightmares of his history. After a nightmare of kids vandalizing his home, he decided this was enough for him. He went to Gotham university to see a psychiatrist. When he passed by a classroom, Croc noticed a teacher was firing a gun in the classroom! After a long talk with the psychiatrist, Killer Croc decided to retire from crime for good.

But on the way out, his anger got the better of him and he stuffed the teacher who fired the gun, Professer Jonathan Crane, into the garbage can. Two years later, Killer Croc was relaxing in a nearby swamp when Crane, now the supervillian The Scarecrow, attacked him. Crane had decided to get revenge, and brought a garbage can along for Croc to get a taste of his own medicine. In the end, The Scarecrow stuffed Killer Croc in the trash can, but he broke out of it and slammed it down over Scarecrow's head.

This landed him a stint in Arkham Asylum, where the newest director applauded him for beating down the helpless Scarecrow, since he, too, had gotten rid of the chowderheads in his life by dumping them into trash cans (Such as the latest ex-director of Arkham). Unfortunately, Croc lacked taste for Arkham's dark and dank interior, and broke out, having beat up a security guard until he agreed to help him escape. (Which was a little unnecessary, given that the asylum doors were open the entire time).

Croc wandered the streets of Gotham City before targeting and attacking the urban terrorist Bateman out of frustration. The two fought atop a bakery where Dan "The Cookie" Monster worked, destroying it in the process.

Later LifeEdit

Killer Croc was not seen again until he turned up briefly drinking with the Riddler at a local bar. The two parted company, having gambled (and lost) everything they had to Dan "The Cookie" Monster and his bodyguard, Amygdala.

Olympian Crisis/DeathEdit

Croc partnered with Venom to release Hades from the underworld. During the final fight, Croc was knocked into Hades by Venom. Result: Everyone at the fight was sucked to Tartarus.

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