Max Lord Blue Beetle 01

Nobody cares how many fucking gadgets you have. You're dead. Game over.

"A man needs a hobby."
― Oscar Wilde

Killing. It means different things to different people. For some, it's something you're just supposed to avoid having happen to you. For others, it's the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Generally, it's more of a supervillain thing, but the jury is sort of out for heroes. Is it morally reprehensible, awesome, or both? There are two schools of thought:

Killing is wrongEdit

Main article: Killing is wrong

No human has the right to end the life of another. Should heroes truly be allowed to act as judge, jury and executioner? What gives them the right? And doesn't this make them just as bad as the very villains they claim to fight against? While violence is justifiable, it is the responsibility of heroes to do anything in their power to uphold the sanctity of human life.

Killing is funEdit

Main article: Killing is fun

Are you kidding!? But it's sooooo much fun. Oh my god, and it feels sooo good. Mmmmmmmm. Killing. I can almost taste it right now. And you only have to fight dudes once. Once. And then they're dead. Usually, anyway. It's the best possible system, and chicks dig it. I mean, what are you? A pussy? Grow up, nancy boy. You're boring us, we want to go watch something better.

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