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Reading this will immediatly decrease the value of your real estate.

This article is about The fat fuck that made a criminal empire. You may be looking for The fat fuck thats just simply a fat fuck..


The Kingpin is the arch-enemy of Daredevil. Actually, he was originally a Spider-Man villain, but the Daredevil writers stole him because Daredevil's rogue gallery sucked.

He is also a member of the Wilson Family through marriage to one Smod Wilson. After the divorce, he was disowned from the family.


  • The Kingpin is so fat, when he cuts himself shaving, marshmallow fluff comes out.
  • The Kingpin is so fat, his belly button makes an echo.
  • The Kingpin is so fat, he walked down the street in a yellow shirt and people shouted Taxi!
  • The Kingpin is so fat, when he sits around the house, he really sits around the house.
  • The Kingpin is so fat , he had to get baptised at seaworld.
  • The Kingpin is so fat, his breakfast bowl comes with it's own lifeguard.
  • The Kingpin is so fat, someone took a picture of him last year and it's still printing.
  • The Kingpin is so fat, he shows up on radar.
  • The Kingpin is so fat, he has his own area code.
  • The Kingpin is so fat, when he told me his weight, I thought it was his phone number.
  • The Kingpin is so fat, when he steps on the scale it says to be continued.
  • The Kingpin is so fat, he has to wear three watches... one for each time zone.
  • The Kingpin is really fat.

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