Krypton 01
"We're probably not going to explode. It's almost definitely nothing."
―High Council of Krypton

Krypton is the asploded home planet of Superman. Its people were highly advanced stuck-up snobs in flowing gowns with strange haircuts.

Although world renowned scientist Jor-El gave everybody else full warning before the entire place blew up, he was ignored by the authorities on the grounds that he was probably just sensing the burrito he had had for lunch. He and his wife sent their child hurtling randomly through space in an experimental rocket ship to "save" him from certain death. Luckily, he came to Earth and happened to land conveniently in an idealistic small town next to a kindly senile family.

Superman was the last survivor of Krypton, and there was nobody else left. Nobody. None at all. Not a single other person or thing. Really.


Unless you count Supergirl. And... I guess Krypto the Superdog. But nobody else! Except the thousands of people trapped in the Phantom Zone like General Zod, and... all of Superman's absurdly advanced technology. And I suppose it's probably safe to throw in the entire civilization of people in the Bottle City of Kandor.

Okay, so everybody and their fat momma escaped from Krypton alive. Happy? We admit it. Go home.

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