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"Ninjas aren't dangerous. They're more afraid of you than you are of them."
The Tick

The League of Assassins are a bunch of ninjas who are supposedly the world's top-trained killers, despite the fact that they've never killed or even beaten anybody in a single fight ever. Maybe like, an old lady or two. But the second you put a mask on, you're capable of beating them all up at once. And it's okay if they get killed. You can just go get some more of them from Costco. They are the bodyguards of Ra's al Ghul, immortal eco-terrorist, and his daughter Talia who mainly use them when they need somebody to get beaten up by Batman or his lackeys.

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McNinjas after every single fight ever

For some reason, anybody else who gets trained by them is totally badass. Besides Batman, there's Jason Todd, Batgirl, Damian Wayne, Lady Shiva, and even Bronze Tiger before he went through villain rehab. But they don't even make nametags for the rest of these guys. That would be kind of like naming livestock you know is going to get made into hamburgers. The retirement benefits, however, are great.

To be fair, they did burn down Wayne Manor that one time. But even then, they still couldn't kill Alfred. Alfred! He beat one of them down with a shovel! An old man in a suit! With a shovel! These guys are almost as bad as Putties.

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