The hell

A common Manga comic. Don't ask, we don't know whats going on.

"Konichiwa bitch!"
Some dude who also hates Manga

Manga, also known as "漫画", or the best foreign form of the graphic novel, as some would say and be hated for saying, is basically the equivalent of American comic books made by Japanese men who are drinking way too much Saki and eating too much sushi.

Its origin dates back to just after World War II. It is uncommonly known that Manga was the result of a Fanboy soldier in an occupation force in Japan sneaking some Wonder Woman comics into the country. Being a fanboy, he's overused the comic to its extremes and had to duct tape the Cover back on. Unfortunately, he duct taped it on backwards.

One young man fluent in English opened it up, and began reading it: backwards. He loved it, despite the fact it made no sense. Thus began the age of Manga, the Japanese comic book.

The roots of the Japanese use of women dates back to Wonder Woman, unfortunately. Every woman must either have a huge rack or be a man dressed as a woman for some reason or another. Every comic book is written backwards, and the stories often make little sense.

By now your groaning and stating how much you hate Manga, I assume. Well, chew on this. Its all the American Fanboy's fault. Yes, that's right. The Japanese needed something to cling on after the bombs settled, so they turned to Manga.

Now go cut yourself, you hypocrite.

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Manga kanji
Konichiwa motherfucker-san.
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