This guy hangs out there a lot.

"This is the best city in the entire world. And that's why, no matter how many evil robots try to eat my brain, no matter how often I get shot at, no matter how many explosions threaten my loved ones and my sanity and bring me closer to the brink of splattering my own brains all over the window of my office just to end the horror... wait a second, this place sucks. I'm moving to Shelbyville."
Perry White

Metropolis is the best city in the entire world. Because Superman lives there. And he's the biggest, strongest, handsomest, sweaty steamy hunk of lovin' there ever was. However, it also has plenty of hot sexy criminals, most of which aren't smart enough to actually move out of the town where the world's best superhero lives. However, the other ones are all really strong, or they have like killbots or something. You cannot walk down the sidewalk without tripping over Kryptonite.

The most important building is the Daily Planet, because that's where a bunch of reporters live that are always getting kidnapped. Like Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Perry White and Jimmy Olsen. Lex Luthor has a much cooler job, but he's evil, so nobody wants to hang out with him and share milkshakes. In the future, the Legion of Super-Heroes has a clubhouse there.

The most important thing about Metropolis is, if you like Superman, you probably won't get shot. If you don't, you still probably won't get shot, but you'll get put in jail like the bad widdle man you are. Also, don't do drugs.

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